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List of Equipment

Machining equipment


NC lathes (automated line)

33 lines

NC lathes

6 machines

Single-purpose lathes (automated line)

3 lines

Broaching machine (5t)

5 machines

Broaching machine (3t)

8 machines

Hobbing machine (automated line)

29 lines

Hobbing machine (general-purpose)

19 machines

Micron hobbing machine

3 machines

Chamfering machine

7 machines

Shaving machine

30 machines

Gear shaver

55 machines

Gear cutting machine

1 machine

Piercing machine for creating oil holes

2 machines

Fanuc Robodrill

4 machines

Deburring machine

4 machines

Internal grinding machine

3 machines


Inspection equipment


CNC gear testing machine (Tokyo Technical Instruments)

3 machines

3D coordinate measuring machine (Tokyo Seimitsu)

1 machine

Roundness/cylindricity measuring machine (Tokyo Seimitsu)

1 machine

Surface roughness measuring machine (Tokyo Seimitsu)

1 machine

Form measuring machine (Mitutoyo)

1 machine

5LD gear measuring machine(Hamai)

4 machines

Gear meshing testing device

29 machines

Gear gap runout testing device

14 machines

Tooth contact inspection machine

2 machines

Rockwell hardness tester

1 machine

Index (Tsudakoma)

1 machine

Optical comparator

1 machine