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Technology Challenge

Quality Policy

Monozukuri starts with quality

The technical excellence that goes into each MIYAKE product ? we promise to provide high-quality gear products to our customers in a timely manner.
Quality Policy
We will not deliver a single product that does not meet the quality requirements of the customer. Through our systems and production activities, we will work to achieve zero quality defects.

1. We will establish work rules in our production worksites that are simple and easy to understand, and we will establish systems to ensure that these rules are followed.
2. Each employee will recognize his or her own role and create a workplace environment in which employees can say this with confidence and pride: “I do my work properly without any mistakes.”

Quality Inspections
At MIYAKE, we place the greatest emphasis on the production worksite. We have established stringent quality standards for each process, and we carry out inspections, measurements, and monitoring data. Because of this, we have a comprehensive lineup of inspection equipment. These include a CNC gear testing machine, a roundness/cylindricity measuring machine, a surface roughness measuring machine, a form measuring machine, a 5LD gear test machine, a gear meshing test device, and a tooth gap runout measuring device.
Quality Assurance
No matter how advanced the production equipment is and how skilled the workmanship, a product needs to pass through final quality assurance. To ensure stable quality, MIYAKE places great importance on quality inspections after processing and carries out quality assurance using an advanced 3D coordinate measuring machine.