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Manufacturing this type of high-precision gear is MIYAKE’s specialty, and over 50th years of only manufacturing gears, our gears have been used in a variety of fields, mostly in automobiles and motorcycles but also in agricultural machinery, motors, and IT equipment. In 2008, we started business in Thailand. Then, in 2015, we have completed 2nd new Factory. We expect the growth of business in Thailand in the future

Our manufacturing volume has grown to 800,000 pieces/month, which is the largest manufacturing volume in Japan’s Chubu region. We believe that steady, sober progress and taking the long view in gear manufacturing will make us the number one company in the industry in both name and substance. At the same time, we have a passion to innovate that makes us take on high-tech challenges, and we believe it is our duty as an industry to pass this passion on to the next generation. The entire company is working together to create a new and improved Miyake Seiki. The challenges that MIYAKE will take on are just beginning. We have diverse production capabilities and we are flexible. Expect a lot more from us.

Hideyuki Miyake, President